Avenue Jack

Avenue Jack is a menswear store that launched as a brick and mortar in the historic Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. Owner Scott Wallis and operations manager Dale Blades came to us with a vision of a retail store for guys that felt special but still completely approachable to walk into for any guy strolling past. Well curated, but not pretentious.

We worked with them to design a brand that fit that vision, and meshed well with the industrial, yet polished look they had in the works for their interior. A metal moose head they commissioned became the brand’s mascot, and was worked through several iterations in illustration form for the logo until we’d landed on a silhouette that felt specific and iconic. The branding work extended into a full identity system and style guide that they’ve since used to help keep all brand touch points consistently executed, from signage to stamps.   



Logo Design
Branding & Identity