As a digital agency owner, Kyle Racki, had the dream of creating a proposal writing software app that cut down on the headaches of creating them but still have the design flexibility to deliver a beautiful pitch document. Fast-forward a few years and Proposify is born. As part of the digital marketing strategy for Proposify, Kyle approached us about creating an e-book that would really resonate with the intended audience for his product in the hopes of attracting more subscribers, and rewarding current ones with good content. Based on his years of experience building a digital agency from the ground-up, he thought a great place to start was a guide on going freelance.

We worked with the content from co-authors Kyle and fellow collaborator Ross Simmonds to layout and create custom illustrations for a 116-page comprehensive guide that covers information from moonlighting to setting rates, management, lifestyle, and growth. Sprinkled throughout the pages are insightful snippets from other freelance contributors. Knowing the modern designer's love for making old feel new again, the overall look took inspiration from vintage signage and mid-century color palettes, and pared those influences with a flat, modern illustration style executed with textures and effects mimicking old printing methods. We achieved a piece that feels timeless, warm, and inviting to dive into despite its consumption on slick, digital screens.

To see the full project and download the guide visit The Definitive Guide for Going Freelance.